Contracting simplified

Law Firms

Small and Medium sized firms

Implementing legal tech in your firm can be daunting and expensive and has generally been out of reach for small and medium sized firms. Until now.

Our platform will provide you with access to legal technology usually only within the reach of large law firms and corporates and at a fraction of the costs.

We have done most of the heavy lifting for you. With the help of our recommended contract and commercial transaction specialists, we have coded and automated more than 50 of the most used legal contracts that are in use in a commercial practice today.

You will be able to generate bespoke contracts tailored to your clients' needs within minutes by using guided dynamic questionnaires based on advanced decision trees.

The dynamic guided questionnaires will -
  • provide real-time feedback by displaying legal consequences that the information that you entered may have on the transaction; and
  • also contains extracts of relevant legislation and case law that are applicable to the relevant transaction.
Some more reasons why you will love the platform -
  • Up to date legal contracts
    Our contract and commercial law specialists are continuously iterating through the documents available on the system ensuring that the documents are up to date and conforms to international best practices.
  • Specialist on call
    Instead of referring a client to another law firm, get in touch with one of our recommended contract and commercial law specialists to guide you through the transaction. They will work with you to ensure the best possible solution for your clients.